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     Welcome to our new blog. We want to share information about our travels and our photography We hope that the things we are learning about our equipment, our photographic subjects, Photoshop and Lightroom, etc. will make a difference for other photographers.

It's Never Too Late

     We are Bill & Kathy Bolio, senior citizens, and while Bill has been photographing for many years, Kathy has only recently gotten the bug since we purchased a Panasonic Lumix camera, which was an all in one camera, lighter to carry, and easy to adjust.

      Kathy would get very frustrated trying to use Bill's Canon cameras, trying to remember how to set the aperture, the exposure, ISO, switching lenses, etc. With the Lumix she could quickly adjust different things to see how they affected the pictures she was taking. The easier it got the more photos she shot. Then she started to read more of the manual than just the basics and discovered some really fun features of the camera. Our favorite is being able to take an in camera panoramic which really lets us get some of the amazing scenes quickly. Kathy also recently learned that there is a panoramic feature in many of the smart phones which are really pretty good at taking photographs now. We will be doing a day shooting entirely with our phones for a future blog just to see what they are capable of.

      Another benefit of Kathy starting to shoot more is that her sister EA decided to get a Lumix also and has been developing a very creative style of photography which we will also share in future blogs.

      Photographing more has helped develop our eye and allowed us to share ideas on how to shoot different ways. With both of us shooting we have the advantage of our different perspectives to frame a shot, what elements to include, possibilities and ideas we can bounce off each other.

Recent Travel

Bill just got back from a trip out west to celebrate the anniversary of our National Parks System. He was able to visit Yellowstone, Teddy Roosevelt, Glacier, and the Grand Tetons. Checkout the New Additions gallery to see a few of the newest photographs he collected on this trip. While Kathy was not able to make this one we were able to share some of the experience by video chatting over our cell phones. While people tell you other cell services are just as good, we have discovered that Verizon really does have more range than the others as often Bill was the only one who could use his phone when he was out and about in the parks.

      Seeing some of the scenes Bill was photographing made it easier to bounce ideas off each other and he made an effort to take photographs of some of the many wildflowers he was seeing because he knew that this was a favorite subject of mine.


     Glacier was an amazing National Park with beautiful vistas, wildlife, wildflowers and mountains. You do not want to visit this park over a national holiday weekend. There are not a lot of areas to pull off or park so it is difficult to photograph some of the areas when there are so many people around. Bill finally returned to after the holiday rush and had a much better chance to get the photographs he was looking for. The best way to take the "Road to the Sun" is to travel it from east to west due to less traffic. A great area to hike and see wildlife up close is to take "Many Glaciers Trail", but be sure to bring the bear spray.

Teddy Roosevelt National Park

     Bill had a great time photographing the buffalo and other wildlife. The views were so great he didn't want to leave but knew there were other parks he needed to visit. Teddy Roosevelt National Park has a north and south section of the park. Bill spent more time in the north this trip.

Yellowstone National Park

     They say timing is everything and Bill seemed to be in the right place at the right time. He was able to get pictures of geysers shooting higher than normal. Grizzly bears, osprey, star trails, waterfalls, rainbows and a host of other scenic and landscape photographs. . The climate changed from beautiful blue skies to a full blown snow storm in less than 24 hours. Bill had to shoot some scenes twice just to show the difference. Due to the distances for some of the wildlife Bill learned how to work with his 100-400mm lens with both a 1.4x & 2x extender at the same time. Some of the results you will see in the photographs we are posting.

Grand Teton National Park

     What an amazing park. From being able to shoot scenes made familiar by the movie Shane to sweeping mountain landscapes, grasslands, and an iconic barn often photographed and the Cunningham cabin with the Tetons in the background, Bill was also able to shoot a young bull moose and a moose calf.

      We hope you enjoy this first edition of the Bolio Blog and the photographs we just posted. Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more photos from this trip as well as some from future trips as well. The pictures we are posting in the New additions gallery will be moved in the future to the appropriate galleries but we wanted to make it easy for you to see the latest photos.

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